Editing Services


BEES, or Bailey Elizabeth's Editing Services, is aimed at providing indie authors with resources that help them start on their self-editing or publishing journey. Bailey offers first chapter edits, editing tips, and self-editing tip guides over on her BEES Ko-Fi, with full editing services available below.

For services not listed here or on Ko-Fi, please contact Bailey at belizabeth.author@gmail.com


What are your rates?

Bailey aims to keep her rates affordable for small authors and prices her editing services below industry standards.

Her copy+line editing is $0.006/word (USD), and her developmental editing is $0.007/word.

All payments are invoiced through PayPal unless discussed otherwise, with a 50% deposit up front and 50% paid when full edits are returned.

What are the different editing types?

Copy editing is for correcting grammar and sentence structure, and line editing is for enhancing sentence and paragraph flow, word choice, and style. They are included together because they often work very hand in hand.

Developmental editing is for examining plot, character development, and the story itself. It is a separate cost because it requires a very different approach to a manuscript.

What will you edit?

Bailey is accepting fiction short stories and novellas under 40,000 words. She also offers first chapter edits with an editing tip guide included for those who wish to pursue self-editing but don't know where to begin.  Her preferred genres are romance of all varieties, horror, and urban fantasy, but she loves anything with a strong voice.

Bailey will NOT edit manuscripts containing glorified abuse or sexual assault, romantic relationships between adults and minors, romance between oppressors and the oppressed (no slavery or holocaust reimaginings, seriously), or bigoted messages promoting racism, forced birth, transphobia, homophobia, etc.

How long will editing take?

Good editing takes time and care, and will vary depending on length of your manuscript and type of editing. Copy and line edits will typically be completed in one pass, where developmental editing will usually take multiple rounds. Bailey edits between 10,000 and 20,000 words per week, and will give clear timeline windows when creating your contract. 

Do you provide sample edits?

Yes! Bailey will do sample edits up to 1,500 words. She wants to ensure both she and her clients feel they are the best fit for each other.

Strange Suns Editing & Design

Bailey Elizabeth is teaming up with a group of talented editors, illustrators, and graphic designers to create affordable services for small authors. Strange Suns E & D is now open for inquiries through the Suns website!