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Welcome to my library!

Here you will find my published works, their descriptions and genres, and where to read them. My ever-expanding shelf holds a blend of horror, steamy romance, urban fantasy, lgbtq+ fiction, paranormal, and more in ebook, paperback, PDF, and web serial formats. I am extremely passionate about the writing craft and will never use AI to write my books. Everything you read here is me, chaos and all.

I started writing online in 2010 as a teen with a dream and owe much of my success to my lovely web readers. Because of this, I still keep a decent chunk of my writing available free. I also know that every reader's situation is different, and sites like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Bookshop where much of my paid work is available aren't accessible or feasible globally. I offer unlimited review copies of all my published books through the form below, as well as the occasional ARC! 

Some books on my shelf contain 18+ material and will not be suited for younger audiences. Prevalent content warnings are listed in the preface of each of book and on the full sales descriptions. Read at your own discretion, and enjoy the ride!


Five friends hike up a mountain hoping for a relaxing, mid-term camping trip. When a fireside ritual spurred on by a harmless dare gets far too real for comfort, the group faces certain death. Someone is... changed, and they’re hunting the rest one by one.

Five friends hike up a mountain. How many will hike down?

horror, paranormal, 18+ (gore, sexual content)

His Unexpected (Book 1 in the Unexpected Series)

Blaise Aoide didn't think demons were real, and she certainly didn't expect them to run the international crime syndicate, the Decagon. But when her father trades her to notorious billionaire and supermodel, Ash Augustine, for a seat at the table, she discovers that beneath the world she knew lies the paranormal, and that she herself might be more than human.

Ash Augustine isn't only one of the richest, most powerful men on the planet. Beneath his model exterior lies a secret— a dark secret that's kept his family brewery thriving for centuries. But both he and the beast inhabiting his soul find themselves thrown off balance when a lowly mob boss presents his unruly daughter as the token in a trade. Now, Ash must face not only the woman living in his home, but the implications of falling for a mortal while sharing a body with the damned.

A plot to undermine the Decagon brews behind velvet curtains, and as acting head of the table, Ash must find a way to both stop the usurpation, and secure himself as permanent leader of the syndicate.

paranormal romance, horror, organized crime, lgbtq+

PANE:  A Horror Novella

Sam lives by her “try anything once” motto to a fault. On an otherwise normal night out, she takes an experimental drug from a stranger at the bar that lets her see into alternate timelines. When she witnesses her own murder in a parallel world, she realizes that the mysterious series of hit-and-runs plaguing her college town are anything but accidents. Sam and her friends decide to stop the killer once and for all, but time travel has unforeseen costs, and one of them will have to pay. 

cosmic horror, slasher, lgbtq+

His Unwavering (Book 2 in the Unexpected Series)

A month after she’s traded to Ash Augustine, the half-demon leader of the Decagon, Blaise is finally starting to settle into her new life. She has her own job, her own space, and a birthday fast approaching. It’s almost enough to forget she works for the leader of an international crime syndicate. But even that’s seeming less and less daunting as her trust in Ash grows, and with it her powerful new feelings for him.

Ash thought he had everything under control— he landed a seat at the head of the Decagon, launched his family business to new levels of success, and gained an unexpected empath assistant along the way. But the facade begins to slip when he realizes he may have more enemies than friends at the table, and danger approaches them at every turn. Through the whirlwind of fashion shows and syndicate meetings, Blaise Aoide exists as a refreshing constant, and even as he battles his demon half to maintain composure, he worries he won’t have the strength to stay away from her for long.

Lines are blurred when dealing with the damned, and Blaise seems determined to step all over them.

paranormal romance, horror, organized crime, steamy (18+), lgbtq+

Vietato (Rough Love Novels Standalone)

"Who are you?" I asked when I caught her, grabbing hold of her arms and trapping them at her sides. Violet's cheeks were flushed from exertion, and her eyes twinkled with mischief as she wiggled a hand free and reached into my coat pocket. She withdrew the key, unlocked the door behind her, and tugged me into the suite.

"Come find out."

Vitale Fierro, a mafia Capo in the height of his career, finds himself thrown off balance when a sporadic, Christmas Eve hookup with a fiery art student leads to unexpected feelings. Violet accepts his criminal status in stride, but there's one problem; the two of them come from different worlds, and marrying outsiders is forbidden by mafia law.

new adult romance, organized crime, steamy (18+)

V is for Violet (Book 1 in the Rough Love Novels)

Vengeance. Vendetta. Violence. These three words are all Violet Harcourt knows. For years, her world has been centered around killing Bill Pfeiffer, the hitman who murdered her father and sister. She's learned the criminal underground inside and out while masquerading as a quiet art student, bringing her closer and closer to her target. Now, it's time to blow her cover, and Bill Pfeiffer's brains out.

Vitale Fierro lives a carefree life at the top of the Salvaggi Mafia. Business has been good, and Chicago isn't a bad place to call home when you're a professional criminal. But when a girl with purple hair murders the Family's prized hitman, he's given the responsibility of what to do with her. To kill, or not to kill seems to be the ultimate question- one he must answer while managing a promotion, taking down a rival Family, and trying not to fall in love.

V is for Violet is an action-packed, slice of life romance where life happens to be the gritty, criminal underground, and the action comes in more ways than one. It is the first of the series including the direct sequel, V is for Venice, and the upcoming companion novel, Hit.

new adult romantic suspense, organized crime, steamy (18+)

V is for Venice (Book 2 in the Rough Love Novels)

Violet Harcourt has finally escaped her past. She avenged her sister, regained her love of painting, and ran away from the mafia Estate she was imprisoned in. Now, she has the chance to live the life she wanted before her quest for vengeance. But can she truly be happy when the man that helped her feel alive again is left behind in the very place she fled? Violet may be fast, but she can’t run forever.

Vitale Fierro lost the love of his life when he let slip that she could never be more than his mistress under mafia law. She left him with heartbreak, and the sole ambition to find her and bring her home, never to lose her again. But when his duties as Underboss of the powerful Salvaggi Family begin to conflict with his search for Violet, it all begins to slip. Someone is killing off members of the Family, and a certain purple-haired woman is hired to find them.

V is for Venice is an amalgamation of romance, art, and action, with a healthy sprinkle of tears on top. It is the second of the series including the first book, V is for Violet, and the upcoming companion novel, Hit.

new adult romance, organized crime, steamy (18+)


Come, Sweet Death is a 650 word short horror story about an individual reminiscing on a hauntingly beautiful choir performance in the midst of being brutally murdered.

CW: gore

horror, music

Skins & Needles

Two souls, too many secrets.

What makes the criminal organizations of Phoenix, Arizona so efficient, and so untraceable?

Charlotte Andersen doesn't know, nor does she care to find out. She just wants to tattoo her heart out and stay on the bad guys' good sides. But when one of her regular clients invites her to a glitzy party with all the city's most dangerous in attendance, she can't help but accept. She's neutral ground, after all. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

Arsen Volkov never wanted a tattoo. He was only in the shop because of his brother's midday appointment. Yet something about the zany, red-haired, spitfire of an artist makes him want to change his mind. But how can he justify his attraction to her when they come from two different worlds? Not to mention species...

She's determined to wear him down, and he's determined to keep her out of his world.

Only one can succeed.

urban fantasy, romance, shapeshifters, steamy (18+), complete webserial

FADING STARS - Coming Soon

Fading Stars (coming soon!) follows Georgia on her last trip to space in her remotely-powered exploration suit. When the return pod crashes, critically damaging the suit, Georgia finds herself trapped between two worldsthe void of space, and her hospital bed on Earth.

short story, sci-fi, horror, drama

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