The Unexpected Series

The Unexpected Series

Blaise Aoide thought she understood the world better than most. Born into a thriving criminal empire and raised in her father’s mafia mansion, she was certain she’d seen it all. But when a prominent member of the international crime syndicate, the Decagon, shows up in her home, rumors follow— rumors that notorious billionaire and supermodel Ash Augustine might be a demon. In the blink of an eye, Blaise’s father trades her to Ash for a seat at the table, and she must face new and terrifying knowledge as she’s thrown headfirst into the spotlight. 

Beneath the world she knew lies the paranormal, and she herself might be far more than human.

Ash Augustine isn't only one of the richest, most powerful men on the planet. Underneath his model exterior lies a secret— a dark secret that’s kept his family brewery flourishing for centuries. But both he and the beast inhabiting his soul find themselves caught off guard when a lesser mob boss presents his unruly daughter as the token in a trade. Now, Ash must confront not only the woman living in his home, but the implications of falling in love with a mortal while sharing a body with the damned. As Blaise becomes an unexpected partner in crime amidst a whirlwind of fashion shows and mafia gatherings, Ash wonders if he’ll have the strength to protect her from himself. 

A plot to undermine the Decagon brews behind velvet curtains, and as acting head of the table, Ash must find a way to stop the usurpation, and secure himself as permanent leader of the syndicate. 

His Unexpected: A Demon Romance is a cozy, dark, paranormal romance saga following half-demon Ash and his empath assistant, Blaise. It takes heavier themes from mafia and supernatural horror and overlays them with a soft, simmering romance. The Unexpected Series blends high fashion, metal music, and organized crime with the supernatural, and follows Ash and Blaise's slow-burn to scorching relationship through each glitzy encounter.